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rds_correia 08-21-2006 08:58 PM

How-to VPN on Symbian smartphones?
Hi guys :),
Long time no seeing but that's how life gotta push it when you're still young, right?
Ok, this time I'm really calling for help.
The "company" bought me a Nokia 6630 cell phone.
This is one of those Symbian OS powered smartphones that can get you a coffe and has backdoor and everything :roll: :lol: .
Now, I've managed to download VNC2Go (same as WinVNC for Symbian) but now I'm in trouble with the VPN part.
I can't find a proper VPN client for Symbian OS no matter how hard I try.
Nokia bundles a free client for IPSec but unfortunately that one is proprietary and will only work with their VPN servers running their software :evil: .
Could someone think of something?
TIA and cheers :)

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