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jorel 09-25-2003 04:16 AM

Redhat Linux is dead, long live Fedora Core 1
i don't know linux and don't know if i'm in the right thread!
i read this post and was copied from serjer (cdrbase)

"hi ppl,got this from my linux user group:
Redhat has announced that as from now they will only support Redhat Enterprise
Linux (which is not free).

The next free Redhat Linux (that is the successor of Redhat Linux 9) will be
known as Fedora Core 1 and will be released on the 3rd of november 2003.
Fedora will be developed and maintained by the open source community (like
Debian in fact)
Redhat developers write code -> they test it on a small scale -> inject it in
the Fedora project -> million of persons test it -> when everything is
debugged, the code in injected into Redhat Enterprise Linux

So it's a win win scenario,

We win because we still will have the Redhat we all love except that it will
be known as Fedora. By the way, Fedora will be updatable through RH Network
or Rawhide.

Redhat wins because million of people like us become beta testers for their
ultimate Linux, the mighty Redhat Enterprise Linux :-)

For more info, see "

thanks serjer!

Razorblade2000 09-28-2003 04:05 PM

did anyone try it yet?

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