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vhelp 02-11-2004 08:48 PM

Gigabyte KT 400 (agp8x/fsb333) mobo
Hi guys,

I thougth I'd post my new mobo specs here. I had to replace my dead
mobo this past weekend. I woke up to a quiet, and dead pc.. when I last
left it on, w/ many apps running - all wiped out!! So, now I'm down with
one KS75A mobo (behind me) running an XP 1800+ chip.

Gigabyte KT 400 (agp8x/fsb333) mobo w/ my XP 1700++ cpu chip.
* ATI-Rage Fury Pro graphics card (AGP w/ thearter chip)
* NEC LCD 15" monitor
* 512mb pc-2100 ram
* all on-board items such as sound/modem etc turned off (don't need them)
* (C:) 20gigs and (D:) 30gigs

Mind you, I installed this mobo w/ no tweaks. Just needed to get it working
and back to my fun projects and things :mrgreen:

If any of you all have this mobo, please share your thoughts/comments/
tweaks and things here.

Thanks for all you time,

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