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Jimblob 06-08-2004 10:59 AM

KVCD Framerate problem?

A buddy sent me a DVD. Problem is he is from Manchester, England. I decided to convert it to PAL skvcd. My dvd player can play PAL skvcd. DVD2AVI tells me the framerate is 20 fps. I tried ChangeFPS and encoded a couple of minutes in tmpgenc using kcvd-3 pal template. The video jitters as I expected.
1. What can I do with this 20 fps source?
2. Are PAL dvds normally 20 fps?


Dialhot 06-08-2004 12:31 PM

No :!: :-)

There are 25 but DVD2AVI turns them into 20fps because you didn't uncheck the "force film" option.

This option is for turning NTSC 29.970 into NTSC 23.976. Applyied on a 25 fps you can count... that gives a 20 fps :-)

Jimblob 06-08-2004 01:18 PM

Thanks for the answer and the speedy reply.

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