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davidmtml 06-11-2004 05:06 PM

Some Questions about KDVD and jerkiness...
First of all...sorry for another topic :roll:

I am encoding using TMPGEnc XPress. My sources are DivX and XVid, 23.976 fps, usually the source is 640x272.

My problem is, whenever I encode, my output KDVD video is jerky. They are jerky no matter what I set my max and min bitrates too. My source videos are smooth however. For TMPGEnc, the settings I changed were to the KDVD "notch" matrix, framereate is 23.976, internally 29.97, and 3:2 pulldown on playback.

Now for the questions.
1. I saw somewhere to change the Max P picture number per GOP to 5823, is this correct?

2. Also, should I change my Max GOP per frame if my SA player permits it?

3. Should I be using Progressive or interlaced?

4. What is DC Component Precision in TMPGEnc?

5. What should I be using for my output resolution and ration if I want these to be on a DVD and work in my SA-player?

6. Any other suggestions or reasons why my video is choppy?

Dialhot 06-11-2004 06:48 PM

How it was on tmpgenc 2.5xx?
Good ?. So return to it.
Don't know ? So try and reask you question.

Almost NONE of the gurus of this site passed to tmpgenc 3.0. I find personnaly that there are too much newb that jump the step for a FULL PAYING TOOL too fast to be honnest... tsss...

All you obtain is a new tool not tested at all and with no-one to help you. Good luck ;-)

davidmtml 06-11-2004 07:40 PM

Thanks for the reply DialHot

The main reason that I switched over to XPress was because of the fact that it seems to be pretty good at audio encoding, which 2.5 was horrible at. I used to use 2.5, but I could never get my audio synching correct.

cweb 06-12-2004 12:42 AM

Audio encoding isn't a problem with Tmpgenc 2.x if you do as is recommended and encode separately with another program (such as besweet which is a specialist application for that kind of thing).

Edit: I'm still using the lastest 2.5x Tmpgenc plus myself.

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