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09-03-2002, 02:10 PM
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After lots of hazzle I think I have reached a point where I really need help. I am trying to create KVCDs from DivX films, and I habe discovered that my standalone likes 352*480 for NTSC and 352*576(?) for PAL (the 1/2 DVD in fitCD). Therefore I am using the MPEG1 KVCDx3 templates with this minor change.

Anyway, the video shows nicely on the computer but I have had massive problems with jerky video and audio synching and glitches on the standalone. I have tried all the possible tricks available at this forum, like of course remuxing as SVCD. nothing helps...

But: I finally changed strategy and tried a PAL source instead of NTSC 23.9..., and guess what... Perfect! My standalone as well as my 16:9 32" TV is supposed to handle NTSC and PAL (although PAL is the standard in Sweden), which I think is true since I have run NTSC DVDs with no probs.

I am now thinking that a way forward is to actually convert my sources to PAL, is this the way to go?

And in that case, should I first try to convert the AVI in some way to PAL or should I do this as a step in TMPGEnc? What about the audio? I am at the moment using virtual dub to extract wav, creating a script in fitCD, encoding these two in TMPGEnc, demuxing in TMPGEnc and remuxing in BBMPEG, authoring with VCDEasy and using Daemon-tools to mount the image and direct burn with a standard burning program (puh).

I would be sooo greatful for any help....

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