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Daznic 09-04-2002 04:15 AM

KVCD: Is it really that good ?
Hi Kwag, first off i would like to say that your templates are spot on for converting captures & dvd`s but for my DV camcorder tapes it`s a different story - I want the best quality i can get, i don`t want to be watching my family videos in a few years time & see my kids face as a fussy mess or a mass of small blocks (Which you do notice more as you spend a lot of time scrutinising clips encoded in different ways)
Anyway, I`ve tried all of your templates in different resolutions, Mpeg 1 & 2, VCD, SVCD, KDVD, tweaked bitrates,resolutions & settings,burned as vcd & Svcd in Nero, etc,etc. & I`ve found the only accepable format to be KDVD full.(PAL) - This only gives me about 20min per cdr but is this the best way to go if I`m to convert to DVDR in the future ?.
I keep hearing that kvcdx3 is the best but i`m not seing this, even played on my monitor before burning to cdr.
My player is a Dansai 1010
Anyway, keep up the good work & thanks for your templates.

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