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07-23-2004, 09:14 AM
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Hi everyone

Im having a recurring problem with my conversions to KVCD. Ive been able to convert about 2 AVI files, one of them being 2h24min and the other 1h54min, they both fit on 1 700mb CD. I used the Simple Guide to Converting AVI to KVCD (http://www.kvcd.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5486). The quality of both was acceptable, having used the 352x240 ULBR and 352x240 LBR templates, respectively, for TMPGEnc.

These two movies played great on my stand-alone DVD player. However, I have been encoding other movies, with the same setting and other settings, and I have not had any success. When I play them on my DVD player, I get good sound, but the image is all wrong, with most parts of the screen blue and/or pixelated (I mean 1-inch pixels). When I play said VCD on my PC, it works perfectly.

The things I imagine I might be doing wrong are the following:

1) I am doing something wrong when I multiplex the audio and video. When I do this, what settings should I use in TMPGenc. Do I have to load a KVCD template or what? If so, could someone tell me what settings to use with different movie standards of compression/FPS etc?

2) I am using templates which dont match the source AVI file when I first make an *.m1v file of said source file. Again, if someone can help me out with this.

As an example, Ill give the specifications to an AVI file and could someone tell me what to do?

The Graduate:
Length: 1h41min15s
xvid codec
bitrate 889kb/s
25 FPS
64 kb/s mono audio

Im guessing I could use the KVCD-CQ-352x576-PAL PLUS template to make the *m1v file. When I multiplex, do I load a KVCD template as well? If so, do I load the same one I used to make the m1v file in the first place?

What would be the highest quality I could encode this movie at?

Any help would be extremely appreciated, seeing as Ive been trying a lot and have had at best limited (but good) results.

Cheers, sorry for the very long text

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08-04-2004, 06:30 AM
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You should use avisynth. Putting 2 hours on a cd with the ulbr template is no challenge. I recommend you read vmesquita's guide, and use the optimal avi script v4. (it is avi you're converting right? Otherwise you won't have mono audio)

About the max quality: i think about 528x480(576) because it's a relative short movie and doesn't contain much action. Maybe you can even use 704x480.
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08-04-2004, 06:47 AM
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Note : ULBR is for 360 minutes on a CD ! Max bitrate is fixed to 900 and for sure you can't prevent to have pixelated area with this.

LBR is limited to 1150 and this is no more than the VCD offered. Again it's difficult to not have pixelated scenes with that.

A normal KVCD is done with 1800 as max if you use stricly the templates, but making them manually we generally set the max to 2300.
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