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deltaboy 05-13-2002 12:28 PM

KVCD: tweak for low filesized encodes?
just a tip to save you guys some time.

i noticed that some movies filesizes varied to a large extent. using KWAGs standard template at CQ 70 with a max bitrate of 2300 is great, but here is a solution (sometimes) to deal with smaller filesizes.

if you run into an encode that only produces around a 500MB MPEG, you can safely change the CQ settings to 79 and increase the max bitrate to 2500.

ive done this with 2 movies and each one came out as 780MBs and 767MBs respectively.

"i hate wasting time re-encoding like 4 times to get that perfect filesize!"

deltaboy 05-14-2002 02:03 PM

just did another... 797MB. good stuff.

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