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mash1 08-21-2004 01:14 PM

TMPGEnc: Two-pass encoding template needed
Hey, I haven't done a vcd in months and I was a bit rusty to begin with and have reformatted since; so I've lost all my scripts etc.

I remember I had one template that I could at the end of the wizard tell it the size to be and the audi bitrate and video bitrate it gave me a file size estimation, it also let you just enter a file size and it would adjust accordingly, anybody know where I can get that template again?

Encoder Master 08-21-2004 01:44 PM

This templates you mean work with 2-pass encoding. It isn't the best Method but you can create it by yourself. Just set to 2-pass and set the KVCD GOP and Matrix and you have 2-pass encoding KVCD Templates or visit and download the best KVCD templates with CQ Encoding. :wink:

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