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08-21-2004, 02:38 PM
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this is the copy of what i posted in d9:

comparing quality results using same sources for CCE(dvd2dvd-Roba) and DVDShrink
sources(toy story 1&2) was full ripped with dvddecrypter and was selected that parts to get a big file with dvdshrink without compression:
1- toy story1-main movie 01:20.32 3,414Mb (audio 5.1 portuguese 224Mb)
2- toy story2-main movie 01:32.10 4,887Mb (audio 5.1 portuguese 257Mb)
3- tin toy (from ts1)- 00:05.10 218Mb (audio 2 ch english 7mb)
4- outtakes(from ts2)- 00:05.29 296Mb (audio 5.1 portuguese 15Mb)
4- luxo jr.(from ts2)- 00:02.22 88MB (audio 5.1 english 6Mb)

full size ~ 8,906Mb

* the audio sizes are included in the video sizes,
they wasn't encoded with d2d/Roba or Shrink(of course)..same as source!

DVDShrink percentage using automatic compression settings:
dvd structure (all files together) 46,8%
1- 1,788Mb 48,7%
2- 2,397Mb 46%
3- 98Mb 42,9%
4- 135Mb 42,3%
5- 43Mb 45%
target: DVD-5(4.7Gb) (default)
performing deep analysis and choosing "smooth"(ddlopping recomendation)in adaptive quality error compensation

DVD2DVD/Roba target using the same source using undot and deen in the script: 4,480 cd size!
ps: each part was encoded separate... i don't remember the exact values and time needed to encode cos i did this compilation last month and author in tmpgencdvdauthor to build menus and chapters.

result of quality:
need to say?.....CCE is better for that big source (~ 8,906Mb)
as i wrote before, DVDShrink3.2 is really better but can't do a good job for that big source(more than 6Gb for my taste).

you (all) can choose what scene(frame from source)you want to compare....
---> just choose and i post (same scene from source,from DVDShrink and from CCE(D2D?Roba))!

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