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StevetheSwede 09-18-2002 09:23 AM

How to convert from NTSC to PAL or NTSC
Hi kwag,

my problem is that I can make PAL or NTSC with no problem (after a loooot of work). However, NTSC causes audio/video synch problems and jumpy movements on my standalone.

I have tried encoding a 23fps movie to 29fps, which solves the synch, but there are frequent and annoying video jumps (I guess it is trying to keep synch).

What is the best way of doing such a convertion? Preferably I would go for PAL since that seems to cause the least problems for me.

My sources are DivX AVI (yes I know not optimum quality, but...). I guess such are not interlaced, or?

I remember reading someones post here that he always did a 23->29 convertion (due to his standalone) but he never indicated how.

Thanks for the great work.


P.S. I am now using only the KVCD PLUS 352x240 (288) templates since that is enough with my sources AND takes a reasonable encoding time on my slow machine.

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