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jletelie 09-24-2004 10:42 PM

Problem With Transform Divx or XVid to KDVD?
I make a KDVD using the Template Full D1 NTSC for TMPGEnc, with virtualdub y extract the audio and with HeadAC3he i transform to mp2.

All this work fine, but when i burn the DVD the image in the TV have more width and height the soport the TV and loose some part of the video

When i play the DVD with PowerDVD in my pc and play and capture the screen (not capture the marc) the image are 720x540 and when capture the marc with PowerDVD the image are 720x480.

I use the default configuration with TMPGEnc and HeadAC3he

What i cant making wrong?


Dialhot 09-25-2004 08:36 AM

720*480 is the strandard resolution for a 4:3 picture, that will be displayed on the TV with a correct 4:3 aspect ratio. But as you can notice 720/480 is not equal to 4:3. That is due to TV that don't have an aspect ratio of 1:1 (10 pixels in height is not equal to 10 in width).
As a PC monitor has a A/R of 1:1, POWERDVD adjust the video resolution to 720/540 to display a correct picture.

Prodater64 09-25-2004 11:07 AM

Try to change in your SAP reproduction settings, try 4:3LB and 16:9 and maybe you could fix this DVD problem. But it is not the real solution. Surely you did something wrong in the encoding process.

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