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Pnumonic 05-14-2002 12:52 PM

KVCD: Good results with 90-minute CD-Rs!
Tried Harry Potter today at CQ 74 - Very good quality only problem was its size 879MB. Ive had some MirrorMax 90+ cdrs for a while without even trying them so thought i would see if i could get this film onto one of them ..... problems nero would not entertain this file size even with the larger capacity disks, used VCD Imager to convert it to bin file - the size is now 906MB :?

Used CDR win to burn the image and it worked, gave it a try in my pioneer 16x and it had no problems playing it so thought i would give it a try in the standalone and this played it to the end also .... good results all round considering its a 139mins film done at 352x288.

These templates are the best :twisted:

TKS 05-14-2002 06:30 PM

Thats great...

I got a 2h and 10 min movie to 1 disc at the normal 70cq.. Mind you I had to edit out some of the credits though :) So actually it was 2h and 5 mins... If you drop the cq below the 70 does the quality really drop?


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