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mfb 10-02-2002 09:55 AM

TMPGEnc: Sharpen filter good idea to use?
are there any general recommandations for the usage of tmpg's
sharpen filter on dvd-rips considering the different resolutions given
by the kvcd-templates?

b00n 12-11-2002 07:54 PM

just a quick word:
sharpen filters are evil.
but they may be a neccessary evil, if you are encoding to low resolutions.

As I only got an Asian portable VCD-Player as a standalone, I am forced to pretty much use the standard VCD settings (there are some possibilities for adjustments though).
This means max. 352x288 Resolution for me. At this resolution I use sharpen with atleast 50/50.
You should only use the sharpen filter if your source Resolution is a good deal higher than 352x288.
Widescreen DVD-Rips often come with 640x272 (or the like) resolution. I go for 100 horizontal and 50 vertical sharpening at most of these.

Guess it's time to buy myself a decent (=KVCD supporting) DVD-Player this X-Mas...


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