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ARAGORN 10-04-2002 06:55 AM

TMPGEnc: Encoding is taking too long!!
Hello everybody. Here's my config (AMD DURON 900 Mhz, 256MO SDRAM). I would like to know if for a film like the lord of the rings with kvcdX3, 22 hours of encoding time without sound is normal? Is there a solution to speed up this or must i change my config? Thanks in advance for your help. A last thing: great job, kwag!!!

JeffS 10-04-2002 08:44 AM

It really depends on what and how you're encoding. Are you using Avisynth? If so, what filtersets do you have, and what order do you have them in. If I put certain filters before a resize, it can double the encoding time. Also, if you're adding options in tmpgenc, to remove ghosting, or
deinterlace, this also adds considerable time.

On average, with my p3 650 laptop, I'm getting about 3.25 hours per hour
of movie that I'm encoding. (I really need to get a faster system :lol: )

There is also a cache setting under Environmental Settings, that should speed things up for 2pass vbr. I turned it on, on my box, and things seem
faster, but I didn't really start paying attention to time, until recently. Usually I'm starting the encode before going to bed.

good luck

ARAGORN 10-04-2002 09:02 AM

Thanks for the answer. I'm using avisynth created by fit cd. There's only one filter in the script: temporal smoother. I load it directly in tmpgenc.Here's my script: LoadPlugin("C:\MPEG2DEC2.dll")
VobSub("D:\LE SEIGNEUR DES ANNEAUX\sous titres seigneur des anneaux\vts_01_0")
#ConvertToRGB24 # For TMPGEnc or VFAPI
#ResampleAudio(44100) # CCE 2.5 'crashfix' for Athlons
#== If you want this 'fix' permanently, edit the INI-file:
#== Under [AVSscript] set CCEcrashfix

Is that good?
I've disabled too all the programs that could work in the system tray. I don't know what else can i do. Any other help would be welcome!

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