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Boulder 10-08-2002 02:53 PM

KVCD: 352x288 compared to 352x576 ?
Hi, I've been experimenting with the KVCD templates lately and have found them very useful indeed :D

However, I have to multiplex the MPEG-1 files (encoded at 352x288) as SVCDs so that my Pioneer won't click and pop the audio all the time, authoring and burning as VCD doesn't work. This has created another problem: my encodes shimmer badly.

The TV system we use here is PAL and the captured video is interlaced - this kind of interlacing that you get when you capture above 288 pixels. I've deinterlaced the source when frameserving but the picture still shimmers a lot, especially the subtitles.

I came up with an idea to encode at 352x576 and the shimmer is gone. Still this left me wondering whether the quality of my encodes goes down as the larger resolution also means larger file size and I'll have to tune the CQ_VBR factor down. Is this the result or can I use 352x576 happily to put a 100min movie on a single CD-R? Or do you have any recommendations?

Thanks in advance, this kind of pioneering is really welcome :D

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