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01-24-2005, 05:02 AM
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I have VirtualDubMod and VirtualDub, both latest versions.

Some of my friends want to rip dvd`s to play on divx player so I have an automated process for them which rips the main movie to the hard drive then extracts the audio to audio.ac3

What I am trying to do is get VirtualDubMod to encode an avs for it to xvid video (using the current xvid settings) and add the audio.ac3 file as the audio.

I want this done automatically via the command line so they can just call a batch file which will at the end call virtualdubmod to do this.

I created a job file, for a film which was 20 minutes long, and saved the jobs file but whenever I apply it to any other film it always comes out as just 20 minutes still.

All I want is (if possible) to apply the same set of processing information to any file I encode, audio is always called audio.ac3, but the job list isn`t helping probably due to applying it to other length films?

Alternatively how could I, if I already had the avi, get virtualdub to just add the audio and direct stream copy the video then save it via a script?

Or is there a command line program that I could use to dub audio and video if all else fails as I could use avs2avi to make a video file?

Thanks for any help, it`s really bugging me trying to fgure it out
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