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the viking 06-02-2005 04:05 AM

Capture Settings
Ive been capturing with the new Vdub 1.6.6,and havent been able
to crash it yet!So it looks good.But I got a question,when using
VirtualVCR we got the "resample audio dynamically" option
to get 25fps insync stream.
As im quite new to capture with VDub,
I wonder if this settings in VDub will do the same:

Dialhot 06-02-2005 04:34 AM

Sounds strange because "resampling" is related to frequency, that is generally 44.1Khz or 48Khz. If you change it to fix some synch problem, you are going out of specs.

Weird that a programm can afford this :?

Boulder 06-06-2005 02:42 PM

It "resamples" but the final samplerate is what you originally choose. I don't know exactly what happens there, but it is the same thing as in Virtual VCR. I would rather call it compressing or stretching dynamically.

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