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johneboy 10-23-2002 03:13 PM

LOW MEMORY errors with TMPGenc and VBR_CQ ?
Hey everyone...
First off... I'm KNOW that 160MB of RAM is not a lot.. so no need to laugh.. however.. I have able to (in the past) encode full 1.5/2 hour movies frameserving from VirtualDub to TMPGenc with VBR_CQ. Now for some reason whenever i do it.. i end up getting "LOW MEMORY" errors..
then "Windows has run out of virtual memory...blah blah blah" :evil:
Set my virtual memory to 4095 (highest it would let me set it in win2K)
No more virtual memory errors... but still with the "LOW MEMORY" error..
This is only when i try to use VBR_CQ..
Any ideas?
also the reason I'm using VBR_CQ is being a newbie, it seems that this is the best setting for size to quality ratio (fitting 1.5/2 hour on a 700MB CD) :?: :?

reman 10-26-2002 07:49 AM

Strange, I got those same errors today! 1st time ever! WinXP 256ram. Then TMPGenc errored out saying decompressor not found. Re-booted (I have rebooted XP only 12 times in 1 year) and everything worked great!

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