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thefitz2k6 01-13-2006 08:09 PM

DVD from .ogm and .sfv files ?
Ok heres the deal. I am a huge anime fan and i want to try to make a kdvd of 2-3 movies.

Prob is that their .ogm and .sfv files

How do i burn them? If anyone can send me either to an easy to use guide or give me a step by step method on how to do this it would be great!!!


kwag 01-13-2006 08:49 PM

Hi thefitz2k6,

First of all, you'll be recompressing from one format to MPEG-2, and that's a No No :)
You'll loose quality, as your media is already compressed, and you'll be adding one more (de)generation on top of that when you reconvert to MPEG-2.
If your source is DVD, then that would be another story, and you can easily KDVD three movies on one DVD-R with almost no quality degradation compared to the original DVDs.
Take a look at the guides on the main page at on the right side, to get a headstart.


thefitz2k6 01-13-2006 10:00 PM

ok then can i just burn 1 ogm file to a dvd? If so what do i use?

Also theres nothing i can see for converting/burning ogm files.

kwag 01-13-2006 10:29 PM


Originally Posted by thefitz2k6
ok then can i just burn 1 ogm file to a dvd? If so what do i use?

Sure!, but then, where do you plan on playing it :?:
Because you can't view ogm on a standalone player :!:
So your best bet, and you'll still loose a lot of quality, is to decompress your file to a RAW AVI (takes around 18GB of disk per hour of video), and then encode that with TMPEG or HC to MPEG-2.

Also theres nothing i can see for converting/burning ogm files.
Use this guide (Not supported here :!:)


sparskter 01-21-2006 06:06 PM

Hello thefitz2k6 . Welcome to the forum!

Well, I will try to give you a "speed guide", ok ? Try go deep-on-understand later (That is important):

-------------------FIRST PART - EXTRACTING ----------------------------------

1] Download and Install AviSynth 2.5.6a:
2] Download PARANOIA (The "incredible"s incredible tool :D )
3] Install (if you need it) OGG codec, for ogms:
4] Open the OGM in VirtualDUB MOD. Click on VIDEO > Direct Stream copy.
5] Click File>Save As... -> now you have the .avi
6] Click on Stream > STreams List
7] Right-Click on audio > FULL PROCESSING MODE
8] Click on Save WAV --> now you have the AUDIO (.wav)

-------------------SECOND PART - ENCODING ----------------------------------
9] Now you have AUDIO an VIDEO disconnectedly from your OGM.
10] Download an install TMPGENC:
11] Download KDVD TEMPLATE (FULL D1/NTSC or PAL, depending on your system):
12] put it in C:\Program Files\Pegasys Inc\TMPGEnc 2.5\Template\
13] Launch "PARANOIA". Press F2 and select your video file. Configure "Overscan" to Factor 2 (maybe 3)
14] Click on "AviSynth Script" > "Show/Preview/Safe Script" and save your .avs script somewhere.
15] Launch TMPGENC. Cancel the wizard if it opens.
16] Click on LOAD and load your KDVD TEMPLATE from Step 11
17] Click on "Browse" for Video Source and Open your .AVS
18] Click on "Browse" for Audio and Open your WAV (step 8 )
19] Click on "ES (video+Audio)" on your right.
20] Click on "Setting" . Check if your AUDIO is: 48000/MPEG-1 LAYER 2(II)
21] Click "START" !!!


Now you will have a .m2v(video) and a .mp2 (audio) and so, must use a DVD-AUTHORING tool!

But that.. is another history :P

TIP: make sure you go on step-by-step!
TIP2: try to understand it later!
TIP3: this may (and probably you will get errors) not work on first time! Do not get intimidated!

good luck!

Please, could you modify your topic to something like this:
"How to convert an Anime-OGM to MPEG-2 for watching it on dvd?"

the more descriptive the better :)

rds_correia 01-23-2006 10:07 AM

w000t! :P
This deserves to become a sticky :).

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