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sparskter 04-13-2006 01:42 PM

KDVD: EUCLID STUDIO - 600% more compression for MPEG-2


Concord, Massachusetts (March 28, 2006)- Euclid Discoveries (, a video compression firm, announced that its technology has achieved compression ratios of 15,168 to 1 for certain videos. The technology, called EuclidVision™, greatly exceeds the current standard for digital video with a 460 percent improvement over MPEG-4, which implies more than a 600 percent improvement over DVD video format MPEG-2 for certain videos.

EuclidVision paves the way for applications like video conferencing on mobile phones, and streaming live, high-quality video to portable devices like PDAs.

“Because we’re building off the existing MPEG-4 standard extensions, we have video compression technology that will eventually work with the hardware and software that is available now,” said Richard Wingard, CEO of Euclid Discoveries. “Bandwidth limitations have stifled the promise of wireless digital video for years. By providing an order of magnitude increase, we just solved that problem.”

EuclidVision uses a new generation of video compression known as “Object-Based Compression” or “OBC,” which refers to technology that analyzes shapes in the video to achieve higher compression ratios. This is a major departure from other compression technologies, including MPEG-4, which are based on “Discrete Cosine Transform” or “DCT.”

The architects of MPEG-4 technology envisioned OBC as the future for this video standard but, before Euclid Discoveries, no firm managed to make it work. The MPEG-4 standard anticipates object-based compression through “Object Planes,” facial modeling, and 3D object modeling – providing only a definition of these concepts without providing the means of employing them toward the goal of high compression ratios.

“While this is a revolutionary concept for the general public, the video industry saw this coming,” said Euclid Discoveries President Bob Werner. “Still, no one thought it would be coming so soon. Many thought this level of mathematical modeling would have taken another ten years to develop.”

EuclidVision compressed a 23 MB 30fps reference video down to 1,519 bytes (15,168:1 compression ratio, 3.56 Kbps bandwidth). MPEG-4 H.264 compressed the same video at similar quality to 8,518 bytes (2,705:1 compression ratio, 19.96 Kbps). Given that MPEG-4 is 50% more efficient than MPEG-2, the 5.6 times improvement over MPEG-4 represents an implied 740% improvement over MPEG-2.
WOW :!: 700 MB -> 50 MB :D

kwag 04-13-2006 04:48 PM

WOW, that is probably the worse video clip I've seen :lol:
Look at the video resolution, compared to any KVCD sample we've ever posted, or even Xvids :)
I think those people are marketing "vaporware ;)


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