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novagte 05-31-2006 05:25 AM

Direct show in TMPGENC
I am sure this question has probably been answered before on this forum but unable to find it so a quick question whenever I load an AVI file with subtitles and I set the direct show reader to the top under VFAPI plugins it loads vob subs at the bottom and then crashes TMPGENC. I am pretty sure that this seems to be a codec problem so I am currently running Klite codec pack on machine and wondered if this would be the problem. However single AVI files without subs work fine!

Dialhot 05-31-2006 05:47 AM

Actually I never use Directshow in tmpgenc, and if I would do, I will never use that to add subtitles ! You should use an avisynth script for that.

BTW, codec packs are often responsible of a lot of problems, and Klite is one of the packs I like the less. You should consider to remove it and install only the codecs you need.

Nevertheless, you can just try to upgrade the VSFilter (new name for Vobsub codec) to its last release. Go there :

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