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killnkind 06-17-2006 11:10 AM

KVCD for Animated Movies?
I used to rip movies from dvd to vcd all the time a few years back and I sorta got out of it when programs like DVD shrink came out and it made it alot simpler and pretty much guaranteed to work on any DVD player w/ no problems. Recently I was looking for some quick movies to d/load to take them camping so the kids would have something to watch because I just don't like taking originals. The movies I grabbed had an extention on dcvcd or mvcd. And the movies were close to 2 hours long and they averaged out at about 480 mb. And the quality was great. It was just nice because I was able to burn about 6 movies on one DVDr and we were good to go. I was asking around about it and I kept getting pointed in this direction. I've got a Tom And Jerry box set that contains all the cartoons and I was wanting to do this the same way. I d/loaded a bunch of templates and messed around a little bit but it seemed like the file size would still be pretty big size no matter which one I tried. And I was doing one episode at a time. I was wondering if anyone had a technique for animated movies because I do remember if you mess with them too much that the playback would not be too good.

Thanks in advance :?

kwag 06-17-2006 01:19 PM

Hi killnkind,

Welcome to the forum!

First of all, we don't talk about anything downloaded. So that topic is closed.
As for backing up your collection, please look at "File Size Prediction" areas in the forum, and take a look at CQMatic and CalcuMatic sections.
Also you have to learn a little about AviSynth scripting, to be able to tailor your filters/resizing/cropping etc., to your liking.
And last but not least, download PARanoia, also available in a forum section here.
This will create basic AviSynth script that you can use to start to play with, and will create accurate resizing parameters for the script.


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