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le_barbu 09-15-2006 02:04 AM

Why KVCD uses these resolutions ?
in the kvcd specifications, it is said that the resolution is:


528x480( 576 ). This is labeled KVCDx3.
544x480( 576 ) is defined as an alternate resolution, labeled KVCDx3A.
I'm encoding in 352x576 (PAL - Half-DVD resolution), does it reduce the KVCD Matrix quality ?

PS: despite I use the Half-DVD resolution I make kVCD ! This is why I ask this question :wink:


GFR 09-15-2006 06:17 AM

These resolutions come from Laser Discs. They are not standard VCD or DVD resolutions but many standalones can play them, and they look really good.

BTW the Pioneer dvr520 desktop DVD recorder can record in these resolutions for recornding times more than 2h and less than 4h.

Dialhot 09-15-2006 07:35 AM

These resolutions are also used by broadcast TV (DVDlab pro for instance calls "544*576" a "SATTV resolution".

In France, TNT channels from "France television" group (F2-F3-F4-F5) use this resolution while others TNT channels are in 720x576.

Now, why using them ? Because it's a good compromise between the quality of the picture and the place available on the disc. If you encode in 352*576 you have a picture less sharpen, and so less pleasant to the eye (I do not mean that the picture is worse).

le_barbu 09-18-2006 05:37 AM

Ok, thank you :D

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