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bunk 11-29-2006 11:21 AM

How do I convert xvid-avi to one-disc kvcd?
I am trying to figure out how to convert a xvid- avi ( 696 mb) to kvcd and fit to one 80 min cd... I know it can be done, I have tried a dozen different ways and either I have no sound or the file is too
big 1 gb+ ...using tmpgennc pro , vcdeasy, and cucosoft software using nero ( not express) also to burn on some trys... Can someone please direct me to the proper way to do this...this is driving me nuts!

Many Thanks

Dialhot 11-29-2006 01:55 PM

Hi Mojo.

Did you read the disclaimer before to sign on the board ?

Also, we do NOT discuss any DivX/XviD related topics on this site.


Nevertheless, I invite you to discover CQMatic, here on the forum, amongs other things that you should find usefull.

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