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madmega 09-13-2008 02:54 PM

converting 25 frames into 25 frames
Hi, i have had this problem before and it never went away but now i have it when i convert a 25 frames avi to a 25 frames mpg.
When i watch the avi with mediaplayer, the motion is very smooth, but when i convert it with tmpgenc to a mpg, the motion is not so smooth anymore.
And no, i have not mistaken the framerate, or the resolution (i keep the resolution the same), but you can clearly see that it is not smooth.

I also have this problem when converting a 23,976 avi to mpg.
I do not know what i am doing wrong, there isn't much more i can alter in tmpgenc to correct this problem, am i missing something ?

Dialhot 09-13-2008 06:34 PM

If you have the same issue whatever the source framerate, can't it be the mpeg codec you are using to read the video that is faulty ? What do you use ?

madmega 09-13-2008 07:38 PM

It could be, but it is also displaying wrongly on my dvd player :wink:
I am using Tmpgenc 2.524 with the normal standard w2k mpg codecs.
It only happens when i am converting from avi, no matter if it is non-compressed avi or a divx/xvid.
I think i am not allowed to post a example here, it might be against the rules.
I've loaded the mpg into virtualdub, and played frame by frame.
What i notice is that it plays 4 frames normally, and the 5th frame is the same as the 4th frame, than it continues playing the next 4 frames, and then the 5th frame is the same as the 4th, and so on.
I think i am seriously overlooking something within tmpgenc that is creating this.
The original framerate of the avi is 25 frames, and for the final mpg product it doesn't matter if i make it any other framerate, the same thing happens only it differs slightly.
If i make it 8 frames (internally 24) than it shows 1 frame, than the next 4 frames show the same as the first one, than it skips a lot of frames, and than the same thing happens.
And if i make it 24 frames, than the first 13 frames are going smooth, thant the 14th is the same as the 13rd, and than the cycle continues with 3 frames normal, than 4th and 5th are the same as 3, than it skips, than again 3 normal frams with 4th and 5th the same, and the cycle of 13 frames starts again and so on and so on.

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