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Razorblade2000 11-23-2002 05:36 AM

kvcd: which template for very long movies? (lord of the rings, etc)
I've got some questions for you:
I've got the vob files of "Lord of the Rings" (->171 min 4 sec) and "Apocalypse now" (redux -> 193 min 59 sec) on my harddisk (both are PAL).
I want to make kvcds out of them, but as they are both very long movies I don't know which template would fit best for them.
I'd like to have 2x80min cds for both. For "Lord of the Rings" I'd like to have 2 audio streams (112kbps) and for "Apocalypse now" 1 audio stream would be enough. For this reason, it would be great if Lord of the Rings was compressed in MPEG2 (it is not that neccessary I think...I am trying to mux the mpeg1 video and 2 audio streams as an SVCD using bbmpeg and burn the file as an SVCD using Nero. It works in my DVD Player! Only some minor problems are still occuring, but with some experimenting with the bbmpeg settings it should be possible).

So my questions:
1. Which template would be the best for this task?
2. Which filters should I use? (e.g. blockbuster,legalcclip,nomosmooth,fluxsmooth...)
3. Which resize method should I use? (Bilinear, Lanczos, Bicubic)

Thank you!

rendalunit 11-23-2002 12:24 PM

I put each one of these movies on two cds with the 352x480 PLUS template. The only noise filter I used was Convolution3D and I used bilinear resize.

logan555 12-03-2002 09:19 AM

I did Lord of the rings in PAL format in 2 cd whit 352x576 PLus template without filter . Great. My wife didn't belive was a conversion from DVD but the DVD itself. I don't know if there's ant difference between PAL and NTSC but the 352x576_PLUS work perfect for almost any DVD.

gopalkk 12-05-2002 02:21 AM

hi logan555

Can u throw more details on your use of KVCD PLUS 352x576 which might run on my APEX 600A etc.

MPEG1 or 2?, 24 or 30 fps? NTSC or PAL? etc.


logan555 12-05-2002 05:09 AM

Convesion Parameters
I use the Fitcd 1.5 to produce the avs file. I put the 1/2 DVD format ( 352x576 ) , no anamorphic, bilinear resize. I left the crop as is.
In tmpgenc I used the kvcd_352x576_PLUS template. MPEG1
Due to the movie's duration I put the movie on 2 CD.
When I did the conversion, I didn't used the prediction metod because didn't know it yet. So I left the CQ_VBR as it is in the templates (22).
The quality is still impressive.
You can try to increase the CQ_VBR value whit the predictor method.
I create the image with vcdeasy as VCD2 and burn it with cdrwin ( sometimes I use also cdrdao or nero).

Yoda 12-05-2002 09:39 AM

I went ahead and put Apocalypse Now Redux on 3 disk because I really wanted the best resolution I could get for this movie. It's a classic. I use the 528x480 template.


Graal_CPM 12-05-2002 09:59 AM


I have done several +/- 90 min disney cartoons on 1 CD using DVD2SVCD with mpeg2 in CEE 3 pass, 2 audio track 128kbps, 1 subs.
Even if total bitrate is above standard, it plays perfectly on my Bluesky DVD Player.
Quality is fine on a 55cm TV

If I had to deal with LOTR, I would give a try with the same settings, aiming 2 CDs. I would had fluxsmooth and dctfilter to improve compressibility.

By the way, I am very intersted about SVCD with mpeg1 stream and 2 audio tracks :wink: . Let us know your bbmpeg settings if you manage to have these CD run on you DVD player...


Dejv 03-06-2003 01:08 PM

to: logan555

I tried the same. And the result: I had too big black bars at top and bottom so the film is pretty small. But when I changed mpeg-1 to mpeg-2 the bars are as big as they should be. So, could you tell me what you have exactly done or is there something that you think I forgot?

Thank you.

logan555 03-11-2003 06:08 AM

To make Lord of the rings : The fellowship I just ripped the dvd to my pc. Then with dvd2avi I made the dv files.
Whit fitcd I choose half dvd and left all the rest as is except the overscan. I put it to 1 or 2 ( I don't remeber) to get less black stripes.
In this way I also cut a little part from left and right of the movie.
When you say you did it in Mpeg2 in wich format( 352,576, 480x576,...)?

Dejv 03-11-2003 09:53 AM

I meant 352x576

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