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Bigswaffo 11-25-2002 11:11 PM

KVCD: Which template to use? how to double Frameserve?
I'll just go on down the line:
1) All of my movie files, when loaded into FitCD for KVCDx3, getting an enlarged resolution, I heard that making the resolution bigger decreases quality. Anyway, If I load them into the 352x240 template, the resolution shrinks, which is good. However, is it better, when watching on a TV, to have a enlarged resolution in the KVCDx3 template, or to have a reduced resolution in a KVCD 352x240 PLUS?

2) I downloaded a movie recently in which the ripper made the aspect ratio wrong so the image quality could be better using only 2 CDs. Anyway, I want to change the aspect ratio. I added the resize filter in VDub to change the size and then tried to frameserve it to FitCD. It didn't work. The whole point is, how can I change the resolution of the video without re-encoding, and being able to load it into FitCD then TMPGEnc to encode into KVCD?

Thanks for your help. :D

Bigswaffo 12-05-2002 06:13 PM


P.S. I really need help. :cry:

Bigswaffo 12-07-2002 04:58 PM

To answer my own question... :roll: I finally figured it out!
1) KVCDx3 is a better template in this situation. The origianl one, when stretched on the monitor or TV is bad quality. However, the KVCDx3, even though the image is enlarges, i of better quality.

2) I should've known this one. :oops: I was looking at FitCD and the thought came to me. I can just resize and put the resize code right after the code that says to load the movie! I then changed the numbers below it to reflect my new numbers, loaded it into TMPGEnc, and it works like a charm. :D

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