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end80 12-10-2002 12:57 AM

KVCD: I should IVTC a 29fps source to 1 CD?
This will be the longest movie I ever attempted to put on one cd...
I downkloaded Fight Club - the source is 29fps Divx and about 2 hours and 20 minutes long and I want to get it on one cd.. From the info I have gathered on your forum I think it says I should IVTC.. (this is my first time IVTC)
So I opened your KVCD 120 minute template and just select 29fps under the video tab and I noted that it then automatically selected "Inverse Telecine" under the advanced tab..
Is this all I have to do?
If I attempt to covert this will the resulting vcd play on my tv ok without being jerky??

I have an Akia DVPS-760
I have been using your KVCD PLUS Templates to put downloaded DivX movies onto one cd.. but I seem to always get a jerky picture when I try using the KVCDX3 Templates..
So.. I've been sticking with the KVCD Plus and have been happy with the results.

Anyway, I am still confused with how I am to handle a Divx movie with a source of 29fps when attempting to put it on one cd.

Rig R. Mortis 12-10-2002 02:13 PM

from the faq sticky:

Q-27 I have problems trying to convert Spiderman or other ( Copyrighted ) movies that I've downloaded from the net. Will you help me?

You better go back and read the fine print at

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