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Paul0889 12-12-2002 04:08 PM

KVCD vs. SVCD Quality?
One way to make exactly svcd quality(or atleast in my opinion) is to use the KVCDx2 1 CD template. Lower the resolution to 480x480 and up the CQ to 74. Use the FluxSmooth or Nomosmooth flter after TemporalSmoother(2,1) and MOST of the noise, if not all, should be gone. Also lower the audio to 128. I've done this twice with low to medium action movies such as Halloween Resurrection and the quality is just AMAZING!!

Paul0889 12-12-2002 04:13 PM

So far with the test I've done, this only works with movies no more than 93 mintues

digitalize 12-13-2002 11:07 AM

Thanks for the info. Looks like something I will have to try.

n00b saibot 12-18-2002 06:34 PM

Are you using 2 discs?
If so, is it better than standard 2-CD SVCD??

Paul0889 12-18-2002 07:46 PM

I use 1 disc. I've "updated" it now. So far the script I use for Halloween Resurrecion is:

# -= AviSynth script by FitCD v1.1.2 =-
mpeg2source("C:\Halloween Resurrection\VIDEO_TS\Halloween.d2v")
Blockbuster( method="noise", detail_min=1, detail_max=10, variance=1 )
Blockbuster( method="sharpen", detail_min=20, detail_max=90, strength=2)

First load the kvcdx3 mpeg 2 template. Change the resolution to 480x480. Now change the AutomaticVBR to CQ. Raise quality to 75. Set MAX bitrate to 2500 and MIN to 400. Set the audio at 128. The overall quality is EXCELLENT. It definetly looked SVCD quality to me. I'll report back for any further updates

Jaspa 12-19-2002 03:38 PM

The best way for a high quality svcd is in my opinion, to use DVD2SVCD and the cinema craft encoder.

use multipass x 3 and billinear resize, without any filter and put them on 2 700 MB medias.

the result looks great, with a audio bitrate of 160 kb/s joint stereo, up to movies with a lengt to 120 minutes.

And also you get a standard conform movie, that will play on most dvd players.

For longe rmovies up to 150 minutes use the half di resolution (cvd) and you can get also a good quality :)

and the best, this programm is easy to use

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