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12-17-2002, 05:17 AM
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Hello all, im very surprised with some template i made, playing around with all kvcd templates. Sometimes i can put 120' on a 74' CD-ROM. Its true!!!

Example results.
(DivX) Some like it hot 1:56:35 -> 850 Mb.
(DivX) Top Secret 1:22:13 -> 730 Mb.


Load kx3 template and save matrix as k3 for example.
Load KVCDx2-CQ-704x576-_PAL_-1CD template.
Load k3 matrix.
Set resolution to kv3 template. (544x576 on my Pionner 544 player. Read kvcdnet doc for other players)
Set Rate control to CQ 60.
Set minimun and maximun bitrate to feet your DVD needs.

Play with that!!

Im surprised with that template!!! and actually its my standard for reaping. Ive not tested with DVD ripping but i think it work better than from a divx.

Hope it helps somebody!!
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