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end80 12-22-2002 07:44 AM

KVCD: GOP 1-36-3-1-36, Why do I see 1-5823-3-1-36 ??
Kwag.. or whoever... I suppose this may turn out to be an ignorant question, but I just have to ask...

In your announcement of the template changes you said the GOP had been changed to: 1-36-3-1-36 - So to be sure I had the latest changes I redownloaded all your templates last night.. but no matter which one I open, TMPGE shows 1-5823-3-1-36 under the GOP tab.

Am I just misunderstanding something?

Jellygoose 12-22-2002 07:48 AM

That value plays no role, since the max. Frames per GOP is already 36. It's just a little kwag joke :wink:
I think he likes to answer questions :roll:

just kidding kwag ol' buddy

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