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raphaelf 12-25-2002 06:57 AM

My modified KVCDx3 template and experience
DVD player used: AIWA XD-DV170 (portable DVD)

After a week of encoding, just finished two movies I encoded with the KVCDx3 templates: Star Wars 2: Attack of the Clones and Shrek.

Encoders Used:
1. Flaskmpeg 0.6.1 version. In the configuration:
> I use the Miha's IDCT version cause it's faster and has better output than the MMX.
> Use the movie's orginal framerate and the 528x480 resolution as output.

2. Frameserver with AVISynth 0.93 version.

3. TMpegEnc 2.59 version with KVCDx3 template.

Changes made in template: Only Audio, used 192 kbps in stereo mode. Use sound normalization in audio settings.

1. Star Wars 2: Used 3 CDs for 143 mins movie. First CD, I had to trim the movie about 50 mins since I also put other extras such as the Fox logo, THX logo, the John William's music video, and the theatrical trailer before the movie. Second CD, about 60 mins. The 3rd CD, used about half of CD, plus other short extras.

2. Shrek: Used 2 CDs for 90 mins movie. Just like Star Wars, 1st CD, I used 50 mins plus extras. 2nd CD, the remaining, about 41 mins plus extras such as the Karaoke party and the 2 music videos.

Result: Almost DVD quality. Truly AWESOME! Crisp picture with sharp edges. Even with high motion pictures there are no macroblocks.

Comment: I estimate a maximum of about 60 mins movie in 1 CD (but this will also depend on the movie as well). If quality is a priority rather than the number of CDs, go with this template (assuming your player will accept this). You'll never be sorry.

Future plan? Will try encoding "Saving Pvt. Ryan" in the next few days (estimate no. of CDs: 3). Then Gladiator (3 also) and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (3 CDs).

kwag 12-25-2002 10:42 AM

Hi raphaelf,

I assume you're not using file prediction yet right?, because each of those movies you can put them on 2 CDs with close to DVD quality :roll:
Some of the movies you mention there (like Shrek) can be put on one CD if you use file prediction and the new 1-12-2-1-24 GOP structure.


raphaelf 12-25-2002 06:01 PM

Hi, kwag!

Yes, I haven't learned yet the software maybe I'll try to do it for my next movies. Will keep you posted.

Thanks. :)

deltaboy 12-26-2002 04:38 AM

with a 1 CD encode with the kVCDx3, what is the lowest CQ_VBR value that wont make the video look like crap? is 20 out of the question?

kwag 12-26-2002 12:34 PM


Originally Posted by deltaboy
with a 1 CD encode with the kVCDx3, what is the lowest CQ_VBR value that wont make the video look like crap? is 20 out of the question?

Hi deltaboy,

That changes daily :D , specially now that we're switching to CQ mode from CQ_VBR. The best way to find out is to run a prediction on your movie, let it calculate the correct CQ, and then watch the sample and see how it looks. If your target was one CD, and the predicted sample doesn't look very promising, you can re-calculate prediction for 2 CDs or use a lower resolution :D


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