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MikeMike 12-26-2002 09:49 AM

Encoding: 24 hours to convert, but used to be 2 hours!
I am using TMPEG to convert from avi to mgeg1 and I am using the kvcd 2 template. It used to take me 2-4 hours for a movie now it takes around 24 hours. What can cause a change like that?
I have a 40gb hd with 20gb free. I run xp pro on a p4 2gb.
I have tried to re-download TMPEG, but the problem is still there.

Any ideas where I should look for the cause of this change?


kwag 12-26-2002 12:38 PM

Hi Michael,

Are you using some internal resizing in TMPEG? Or maybe it's a DivX or XviD CODEC problem, and not TMPEG :idea:


MikeMike 12-26-2002 04:45 PM

Well..... I just noticed that something seems to slow down in my computer when I leave it for the encoding and it speed up when I come back and move the mouse. So it's not kvcd or tmpeg related anyway.
I have disabled all power saving functions I could find though.
There must be something else I have missed.


muaddib 12-27-2002 07:55 PM

Maybe some antivirus running when you are idle... :roll:

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