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kwag 01-13-2003 01:23 AM

KVCD Templates Update!
WOW :!:, this last month+ has been a real brainstorm. I would like to thank all the people who made this possible. This new revision puts KVCD MPEG-1s WAY above anything we've seen before. The usual 60 minute template has morphed to actually 120 minutes of very good quality, specially the KVCDx3. The KVCD LBR now easily fits 120 minutes of "pure" VCD quality. So fitting 180 minutes will be much better than the original LBR.
Special thanks go to SansGrip for all the wonderful filters he has created :D. They are priceless 8)
Thanks muaddib for integrating SansGrip's filters into your modified version of FitCD. Thanks jorel, rendalunit, black prince, GFR, jellygoose, Boulder, KingTuk, syk2c11, HELL, If I didn't mentione someone, you know I didn't mean it. You're too many 8O. And everyone else who has tested and tested for hours and hours different clips. By being patient and tolerating my "drastic" "last hour" GOP and matrix changes.
I think it is WELL worth it :D

The following templates have been updated:

KVCD 352x240(288) PLUS
KVCD 352x480(576) PLUS
KVCD 704x480(576) PLUS

All of these templates have a CQ value, which is there just as a "filler" value. These templates are to be used with file prediction from now on. Eventually, the way I see it, is that there will be just a master NTSC and a PAL template, because they all share identical parameters except MAX bit rate. So instead of having a gazillion templates, we'll just have a couple which we will use as a base model.

Enjoy and have fun encoding :D,

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