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Jack 01-16-2003 04:26 AM

Multiplexing Video with Delayed Audio
When I convert a delayed Audio (test.ac3) to test.mp2 with headac3 the software detects the delay, but my question is:

Is the delay still in the mp2 result?

When yes where do I have to modify the settings of bbmpeg to correct my audio dely before muxing with the m1v?

abisinio 01-16-2003 07:19 AM

No, headac3he corrects the delay in the mp2.

you hasn't to modify the bbmpeg settings.

Jack 01-16-2003 08:21 AM


Then I've done it wrong in the past. I wrote down the audio delay that dvd2avi recognized. I converted the ac3 to mp2 and opened tmpeg.
There I've changed the audio crap in advanced/Source Range.

I don't recognize that the stream got out of sync in my player but it have to when your explanation is true that headac3 fixes the delay.

Don't matter. In the future I will only use the mp2 from headac3 without giving tmopeg an audio crap (because headac3 fixes the delay to zero)

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