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01-18-2003, 08:17 PM
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DeXT (doom9 forum) has compiled a special version of VirtualDub which can directly open VOB and general MPEG files (SVCDs for instance) and it also includes built-in AC3 conversion.

read this:

download here:
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01-19-2003, 11:53 AM
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morning peoples.. Jorel,

So far, its great. I D/L'ed it late last night (3am NY) and played w/ it a
little. You can play the VOBs WITH sound (AC3) and have no issues or
crackups or studders or anything-else that I can think of, so far. I had
huge a project opened (in Delphi) which by the way, crashed a multi-tude
of times but STILL no hicckups or slowdowns or anything ..and resource was
below 20% on my CPU cause of the crashes.

* when frameserve, it sends via uncompressedRGB24 format, as far as i
.. can tell. (re-framing it to another vdub, and opening Information)
.. The source I was using was a 40mb size VOB I cut to size w/ an app I just
.. can't remember The Fifth Element was the sample
.. 48k audio
* give you the oportunity to choose your Audio TRACK (usually is Track ONE)
* everything else is basically the same. Looks like nothing has changed, ie
.. performance, speed, filtering, settings etc., etc., etc.

So, I give it a great thumbs up so far.

By the way, the alpha app I'm still working on plays the vdubMPEG's
frameserved *.vdr file in my AVI app. Nice !! ..though it needs a little more
work. ..hmmm, gives me some more ideas

..Love new toys.

Have a great day all
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