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Bud 06-03-2002 12:33 PM

Original Template

One last question on your original Template (352x480). As you know by now I am using VRO files, I believe this is recorded at the 29.97. What should I change in your Template, without using AviSynth or any other utility, just your Template, I know I use the DVD2AVI (Non-Forced Film). Will your new 704x480 Template work with the VRO files? Or would it make any differece in the overall quality? (I'm still going to work on the AVISynth conversion and your Templates to get all that right) but until then just need info on re-setting the basic Template to use with VRO so I can get as much as possible on one CD. Many thanks for all and I mean all your assistance.


Bud 06-04-2002 02:18 PM

Everything Is Working!

Just found out thay my Pioneer DV 343 will not accept the 352x480 mode, when I made the change to your tmeplate everything clicked, the AVISynth/Templates/VRO files, everything, so many thanks for all your assistance and understanding, I know it is not easy dealing with folks liek me, we tend not to want to wait for answers or try different things.


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