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06-03-2002, 02:52 PM
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I don't understand some things: KVCD, and now also KVCDx2 produce a better image quality of VideoCD PAL? I actually encode my DVDs on VideoCD PAL, using TMPGEnc 2.54a and the quality it's VERY GOOD! Yes, you can see some MPEG artifacts but the result is OK and I can fit a movie usually on 2CDs, rather in 1CD. But why, using VideoCD and now also KVCD the outlines of the picture appears a bit uneven? It's a problem of TV or of TMPGEnc?
Another thing (the last, i promise): i've buyed some Magnex 790Mb/90Min CDs, wich I can use only activating the "OverBurning Mode" in Nero. Will my stand-alone DVD Player read and play this CDs? I use

Thanks very much for your helps, and sorry for my poor English, but i'm a 16 years old Italian boy who likes very much this topic. Unusual, isn't it ?

See you!
Eshpo Roboris.
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06-03-2002, 02:57 PM
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Could I use the new KXVCD and just change the res to 352x240? But my dvd player doesn't support XVCD so its pretty much out of the question right? I just want the best quality.
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