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Timster 02-12-2003 06:43 PM

Large Wav file workaround?
I notice that sometimes TMPGenc can't encode large wav file above 2 gb or so. I'm trying to encode a 3 hour video that has a wav file of 2.4 gb. Alas TMPGenc can't encode it. I'll encode and get no audio. Is there a workaround this problem?

urban tec 02-12-2003 07:30 PM

G'day Timster,

Try using Headac3he to encode the wav file.

Question 1 can you play this wav file at all because there is a size limit with wav files and I think 2gb might be it, I personally have had trouble with wav files this size.

Question 2 is your source dvd, divx or a video capture, because you could try extracting the audio in its compressed form and using this as your audio source in tmpge.

Timster 02-20-2003 02:09 PM

Yes I can play it in winamp, just tmpgenc won't encode it. I'll try the compressed option and see if that works.

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