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Bombero0437 02-18-2003 08:11 PM

TMPEGenc did the video and sound, but it was still off?
I am having trouble with LOTR special extended edition, I ripped both DVDs as normal with DVD DeCrypter with no problem, used DVD2AVI 1.76 for project, no problem, Encoded KVCD 352x480 MPEG2, projected size was right on target and looks great, I used Headache to conver my wav as usual, and muxed with BBMPEG to get get 2 SVCD with grat picture, the problem is that the first MPEG is in sync till about midway thru then it gradually gets off by a few seconds, the second MPEG is off from the very begining, I have tried every thing and cant find what happened here.

I even rencoded the movie to one large file and let TMPEGenc do the video and the sound and it was still off, not sure whats wrong any help please...................

heyitsme 02-19-2003 06:37 PM

Which program did you extract your wav with? I have problems with dvd2avi sometimes, and used mpeg mediator to extract my wavs. Mpeg mediator is better at extracting the surround sound information than dvd2avi. So try that route it works for me. I have read around the forum that sometimes mediator will result in out of sync play and dvd2avi works. Check them both out.


Bombero0437 02-20-2003 11:40 AM

I used DVD2AV 1.76 to do the WAV, I never tried mediator, but I will, I dont want to give up on this one just yet, tho i am close to scrapping this project!

Bombero0437 02-20-2003 05:16 PM

well i tried mediator and the files size is not the same as when i did it with dvd2avi..

mediator wav= 2,096,704 kb (1.99) GB
dvd2avi wav = 2,357,821 kb (2.24) GB

I can convert the dvd2avi file mp2 in headache but the mediator wav will not convert, it says there is a memory allocation error, both sound fine when played with winamp, and i have done both of them 3 times to make sure i did not miss anything, my settings are correct since i have comleted 2 other movies start to finish while still working on this one.

I see alot of people have looked at this post but only 1 has tried to answer, is there anyone else with any help on this matter plaese?

Bombero0437 02-21-2003 01:53 AM

well, i think i figured it out DVD-1 ends in a different spot than DVD-2 begins, this is where the out of sync was taking place. so i am treating each DVD-Rip as a single KVCD ...

DVD-1 is 105min
DVD-2 is 104min (without the last .VOB, which is all end credits)

so i will use the same script for both and they will be exactly the same..

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