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SodGawd 03-12-2003 01:06 AM

KDVD Template for MovieStacker
Is there a KDVD template for MovieStacker? (or is it called a Pre-Set?)

I understand most of what MovieStacker is doing. I just don't know what filters to use at what time. I have read the forums on what filters I don't know what they do, but confusion is there sometimes. Most of my conversions right now will be from a DV or NTSC VHS source and captured via my DVC-2 at DVD specs maxed out. :P

Looks great on the tele but alright through PowerDVD. As long as it looks good on the tele I am cool with that. :) Are there special filters that can be use (in conjunction with MS) to keep the quality of the image and help get a moderate file size?

I finally understand the formulas on file prediction!! Sheesh, that had me yanking hairs for a few days.. :)

muaddib 03-13-2003 12:01 PM

Re: KDVD Template for MovieStacker
Hi SodGawd,

With MovieStacker 1.1.1 you will find presets that are supposed to be used with KVCD templates. I will update the presets in the next release to use the latest filters and settings we are using in, but till there you can search the forum and learn how to use more advanced filters. :wink:

SodGawd 03-13-2003 01:48 PM


Thanks for the response. :) I have perused the forums and I think that I am finally begining to uderstand.. :) The main reason that I have been asking alot of questions is that I have starting a home based biz making DVDs (of non copyrighted stuff!!). I intend to use ya'lls templates (with a blurb at the end of the DVD stating such!!).

Keep up the good work. Love the site.

JoZ 03-13-2003 05:35 PM

Re: KDVD Template for MovieStacker

Originally Posted by SodGawd
I finally understand the formulas on file prediction!! Sheesh, that had me yanking hairs for a few days.. :)

Hmm, try "Tok" and you'll be amazed how easy it works. Basically you’ve
to set it up and wait. At the very end you’ll just get cq you need.

SodGawd 03-14-2003 10:36 AM

@JoZ -- I did try ToK. It complained that I did not have every little program assigned. All I wanted it to do was file size prediction that is all. I am still tryin to get to do what I want it do, but right now.. I'll stick to manual for the time being. :)

vhelp 03-14-2003 07:57 PM

hi SodGawd,

just an FYI..

Don't forget that PDVD has two options for display video via Ctrl_C
then select the Video tab and choose a Video Mode. I think that
by default, PDVD sets to (o) Auto-select.

You can select () Force Bob or () Force Weave

() Force Bob - - - - will blur your video slightly, while
() Force Weave - - will sharpen your video, but may show your Interlace lines :( if you missed any.

Choosing one of the above may or may not improve your videos' quality.
That will depend on HOW you encoded your source to MPEG.

Another FYI, for optimum video brightness, set your Dark to +3.
It's the equivalent to WDVD's level of 4. This way, you will see the
same color-depth for both, when playing in either. To change WDVD's
color-depth, press the + about 10 times or so, then, press the -
key 4 times. That's it. Both are now aligned. If you mess w/ the color
later on, and forget the exact position value, just repeat the steps above..
press the + keys till color no longer changes, then press the -
4 times.

As far as WDVD goes, I don't know if it has such features as to changing
the Video Modes etc.

SodGawd 03-15-2003 12:07 AM

@vhelp -- Thanks for the heads up. I will check into that.

Thanks again.

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