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a_star62 06-09-2002 12:26 AM

KVCD: Deinterlace VS IVTC ?
What is the difference between the two? I have a 29.97fps source that is progressive according to dvd2avi. I want it to be 23.976fps so what do I do :?:

Smoochie3 07-08-2002 01:50 AM

good question! Why has no one answered this? i'd like to know too. When to use IVTC or Deinterlace?

kwag 07-08-2002 03:31 AM

You can do IVTC only if the original source was shot FILM at 24 fps. If your source is 29.97 interlaced, the best you can do, is de-interlace it for your VCD. That's about it. You can't convert a 29.97 interlaced, ex: a digital video, to 23.976. You'll get a jumpy video.


gopalkk 07-08-2002 11:52 AM

I am applying AviSynth's Telecine filter on Indian DVD of 29fps NTSC UNKNOWN Interlaced to bring it down to 23.9fps. The source is not completely interlaced but some frames are. Am I doing right? Any better approaches? - TIA

Smoochie3 07-08-2002 03:22 PM

I am trying to rip "The Rock" -- Criterion Collection. I think its a hybrid DVD with film and interlaced video. Should i use deinterlace or telecide/decimate?

kwag 07-08-2002 03:49 PM

If your source is mixed interlaced and film, please read here:


Smoochie3 07-09-2002 12:55 PM


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