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04-24-2003, 01:29 AM
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Hi Guys,
I think Muaddib has developed a great tool for video and especially KVCD but since I'm new on the encoding scene I need your help on a couple of options of Moviestaker.
Like in FitCD you have two anamorphic check boxes on Moviestaker. I believe one is for the source D2V file and the other one is for the destination M1V/M2V file, am I right?
Now, what I don't know is when should I check or uncheck both these check boxes...
I've asked it to a lot of guys that tried to explain it to me for at least a dozen times but I am still confused. They've told me it has something to do with the aspect ratio or something like that but since to me all the movies come on 16:9 aspect ratio I don't know what I should choose on your tool.
Also if I play with these options on Moviestaker should I also modify any settings on Kwag's KVCDx3 templates that I have been using?
Thanks in advance.
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04-24-2003, 03:46 AM
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If you're encoding from 16:9 sources, tick the Anamorphic box next to "Source". It's probably best just to encode to 4:3 as most DVD players completely ignore the anamorphic aspect ratio in VCDs so leave the other Anamorphic box unticked.

16:9 Source: 1st box ticked, second box unticked.
4:3 Source: Both boxes unticked.
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04-25-2003, 12:37 AM
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Hi rds_correia,

I think PyRoMaNiA explained it well, but let me just complement.

MovieStacker should correctly identify if you have an anamorphic source. So you don't need to change the anamorphic checkbox in the source. It will be set properly by MovieStacker. Anyway, the source anamorphic checkbox should reflect what kind of source you have.

The anamorphic checkbox at destination should never be checked if you are making VCDs. You should only check it if you know that your DVD can correctly read anamorphic VCDs (most can't). If you are making DivX then you should check it (if you have an anamorphic source), so MovieStacker will not add vertical borders and you will keep your anamorphic aspect in the destination.
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04-25-2003, 09:11 AM
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The other case to make an ANAMORPHIC VCD is if you have a WIDESCREEN TV. I have my HDTV widescreen set to stretch horizontally but not vertically with my DVD player. This allows anamorphic DVD's to show correctly. If I do not make my VCD's in anamorphic I have to change the aspect ratio of my TV to clip off the black borders (letterbox) to show it in widescreen which is a pain in the but. I would rather not adjust the TV each time i switch between DVD and VCD. The only bad side is that on a standard TV my VCD's will look funky.......
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