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logan555 04-29-2003 03:13 AM

Make Kvcd with no ripping?
IN the last holydas I was with my brother and I tryed to find out a way to make KVCD whitout fist rip the vob on HARD DISK.(My brother has a lot of DVD and I tried to put then on my laptot in kvcd format as many as I can to burn them later at home)
I tried with DVDx e videoserver but when I start tmpgenc and open the avs file , the DVDx start to process the video but I haven't yet press the start button on TMPGENC.
Any suggest?
Is that possible to encode whitout rip in KVCD?

To kwag
For every one that dosen't think Kwag is the best :

There are not easy or difficult things, ther are things that you know or don't know!

jorel 04-29-2003 04:00 AM

hi logan555 :wink: (from logan's run movie?)

don't know if it is possible, but don't think that is a good idea.

imagine your drive reading the movie for maybe...
5 or 18 hours!?! 8O 8O
like dvdx program do.

you got better stability with the movie ripped in hd....
and it's faster too.

your problem is hd space free?

here nobody have doubts(like you and me)...Kwag is the best!
... have open mind and wise,
and he is the most friendly adiministrator in the web too!

Jellygoose 05-01-2003 03:51 PM


and he is the most friendly adiministrator in the web too!
I agree... and the most helpful one :!:

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