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J-Wo 06-06-2003 11:14 AM

audio sync problems with avi file?
I'm having some major audio sync problems with a DivX 3 file @ 29.750fps. I've tried adding AssumeFPS(29.970) and/or ChangeFPS(29.970), but neither work. In fact TMPGEnc gives me the error

system error(6): __kmp_reap_monitor: SetEvent: The handle is invalid.

abort: fatal problem

I'm using avs 2.52 and Kwag's latest optimal scripts. Could someone help me with this error and also tell me how to solve my audio sync problems? Thanks.

J-Wo 06-06-2003 11:48 AM

ugh. okay I fixed the above system error because for some reason tmpgenc didn't like the first couple frames in my video. So I added an Audiodub line pointing to my AVI and WAV files, with a trim(x,y) to skip the first 300 frames. I then proceeded to encode small 30 sec samples trying combinations of assumefps(), changefps(), and wav files at both 29.750fps and one converted to 29.970fps. But nothing worked, I'm still having audio sync problems! The audio comes before the video. The source avi file plays perfectly fine in WMP8 and Zoomplayer. Any ideas guys? Thanks!

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