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PyRoMaNiA 06-08-2003 05:40 AM

KVCD: Audio sync problems?
I have an audio file that I converted to MP2 from MP3 with HeadAC3he. When I open the converted MP2 with HeadAC3he, it says that the file is 2:17:46, which is the same length as the M1V file, so should be synced. When I play the file with Sonique however, it says the file is 2:18:01.. 15 seconds longer!!

When I mux the files together, the audio starts in sync but slowly gets out of sync both in PowerDVD and on my standalone... I've tried opening up the file in Goldwave to shrink it but Goldwave also reports the time as 2:17:46... whats going on?? :( :bawl:

urban tec 06-08-2003 10:15 AM

Just a stab in the dark but what if you converted the mp3 to wav and encoded the wav to mp2?


PyRoMaNiA 06-08-2003 01:20 PM

Tried it, same effect no matter what I convert it to. :( :(

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