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06-29-2003, 04:54 AM
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I've downloaded the test image that Kwag made and burnt it to cd and my DVD player has no problems playing all 6 templates.

For some strange reason "My DVD player (SAST)" won't play the movies that I have encoded using the KVCD 3 templates. I thought it might be overburned CDs, so I tried, a regular 700 meg cd and it still didn't work.
I've had plenty success using Avi2Svcd, with other movies, but this time avi2svcd screwed up the audio sync.

So I dedcided to do it all separately.
The movie is a 3viX, 23.976 fps, res 608x256 AC3 audio

I'm using the KVCDx3-MPEG-2-NTSCFilm template with Tmpgenc.
Compressing the sound with Headache, Tried to mux with Tmpg and BBmpeg.
Burning with Nero.
The mpg plays back fine with no problems what so ever on my computer, just my standalone DVD player (SAST) won't play it.
I'm thinking it could be the resolution of the template 528x480 or the sample rate of the mp2, I'm not resampling down to 44.1 khz. But I don't think thats it, cause I don't use that setting in avi2svcd.
What is avi2svcd doing differently, I thought I was pretty much doing the same thing. mmmm
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06-29-2003, 07:22 AM
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Will Svcd play back 23.976 ? I noticed when BBmpeg was muxing it said something about the framerate wasn't 25 fps so it wasn't a normal mpeg. mmmm
What settings should I use in BBmpeg when I'm encoding for svcd with 23.976 fps file ? Which check box should I tick. I've been ticking the Svcd one but I noticed avi2svcd in the dvd2svcd.ini didn't check the Svcd in the BBmpeg settings.
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