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06-16-2002, 08:12 AM
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I have been making VCD's a couple of weeks now and have learned quite a bit during that time but am still having a few problems I cant quite iron out yet. the main problem bothering me at the moment though is I am getting a blocky final burn. the blocks only happen during high action scenes like explosions and also they appear during low action scenes against the color black I.E. can see blocks against a black suit etc. I am using the kvcd x2 template for 1 cd at default settings other than the frame rate wich I had to change to NTSC standard due to an apperant limitation in my Apex DVD player. I use Tempge to encode and VCD Easy to author/ burn.
All in all the templates you made are awesome I get a very high quality DVD appearance from my VCD's other than the points I just mentioned. Any suggestions you have would be most appreaciated and thanks again. Even with the blockiness these VCD's still look far better than any i was able to make previously without your templates.
Also I should let you know the reason I had to change framerates to NTSC standard is that i was unable to run the template correctly in NSTCfilm I had audio stuttering that would cut out every about 3-4 seconds no matter how I encoded the film. Things I tried to circumvent that were Demux/Remux(produced a disk that would not play at all when burned), Creating disk in PAL, using force film to put the DV2 file in FILM before creating an MPG out of it in Tempge. Each of these options I then tried to encode the clip in each of your templates and all came out the same result with the audio pauses.
Sorry for the long post just wanted to try to give you as much information as I could

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06-16-2002, 10:05 PM
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I am not KWAG and don't have his expertise but see if this applies to you. Don't necessarily blame it on having to go with 1150 constant bitrate on your Apex.
This audio problem fix may seem strange since you will hear a lot about demuxing and remuxing using tmpg or bbmpeg etc... I could be a solution in some cases especially if you get the file from someone else. I tried them all!!!
I have 2 Apex Standalone players ad700 and ad600A (used to have a 1500). I got the same audio problem and tried everything I could think of. I use DVDX (due to a temporary shortage of disk space and frameserve to Tmpg (now 2.55) to use the templates. To get rid of the audio jerkiness even though the movie was supposed to be 23.97 according to DVDX I selected 29.97 and it did an automatic pull-up. I then overrode the pulldown (unchecked telecine in tmpg) and made sure the framerate was shown as 29.97. I know this makes the movie larger but my 2 Apex players now accept the movies with no problems. What took me so long to figure it out is that the video looked so good I thought it was an audio problem. I became suspicious when I turned on the display on my Apex and the reported time was way off on all the clips (whether they were originally 23.97, forced to 24fps film in DVDX or telecined to 23.97 in tmpg). Now I can set the min and max bitrate compression without problem and the audio as low as I want.
It appears that my Apex players expect to get 29.97 as a rate.
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